Venetian emanations

Venice is poetic, musical, architecturally elegant and colorfully festive. An indelible feature of the city are the horizontals of her canals and lagoons multiplied by the vertical of her atmosphere. Many artists have expressed the spirit of Venice in visual form.
Alexander Bartov has also given us his vision of the legendary city. In each work of the Venetian series a different story line is present. Each is marked by thematic richness, depth of content and graphic clarity.
Using the technique of photo collage, the artist creates something more than a romantic portrait of the city. Everyday life is transformed into a symbolic tale of the seen and unseen, hidden in the depths of time.
The water with its gliding black gondolas; the sky, air and stones; architectural outlines; human faces; and the melodic breath of past and present mutually reflect each other, coming together in mysterious and enchanting images filled with significance.
Hovering in the city's very air are spirits from past ages. The artist's eye unfailingly captures the presence of wonder — in the chance gaze of a Venetian girl, the cooing of city doves, the lights of evening and the sounds of an accordion. But his is also the gift of the unexpected insight, of capturing the here-and-now in an associative web of historical and mythological context.

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