Showcases of the world

In this series, the artist has succeeded in looking at an often-perceived reality in a new way. He examines this reality not directly but mediated through the glass of the shop window. As a result, the material world is transformed into artistic image, as in a looking-glass kingdom.
Judging from the series' title, one would think that the artist wants to tell us about showcases he's seen in different cities and countries, using the language of art. However, it's not quite as simple as that. Instead, he invites us to look at a world transformed by the glass of the showcase, on whose surface a fanciful play of light creates intricate images as on a projection screen, images that reveal themselves only to the attentive eye. The artist's creative mind transforms this shop window reflection into a metaphor. A sense of paradox arises from the combination of the displayed items' convincing materiality and the reflected mirages' esthetic disembodiment.
The works of this series give rise to the idea that the world surrounding us is, in essence, just such a showcase.
This leads to a variety of insights, both about showcases themselves and about urban reality in general. The objects, people and streets reflected in the shop windows and captured by the artist's camera introduce a new level of meaning into the showcases' enclosed spaces.

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