Transformation of Light


In spite of the fact, that the nature of color and light was described long ago, the action of light still continues to surprise us in pictorial art. The epoch of black-and-white photography brought along the first surprises. Techniques of hand-coloring of monochrome photos or works of graphic art should be considered as archaic nowadays.
The use of computers opens rich, almost boundless opportunities of transformations of form, color and light. And here Bartov is not satisfied with coloring source pictures in the general sense of the word. He tries to identify and to accentuate the potential variety of the objective world through color, as well as through structural and compositional devices. Naturalistic black-and-white photographs, his works in the technique of graphic art or oil painting are transformed by the artist to such an extent that they sometimes look like objects from another world, which is not yet known to us.
In reality this is the same single and endless reality of things, which is transformed by the talent of the artist into utterly abstract and mysterious images. It is also noteworthy that the onlooker can always find in the works of the artist something recognizable and rich in terms of associations. Everything depends upon the ability of the onlooker to perceive the world in terms of images with the subsequent analysis of perception.

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