The Threshold

In the visual arts there are many remarkable examples of how the imaginary and invisible are transformed into artistic reality by the creator's will.
This series of Alexander Bartov's works might be described by the keywords "materialized idea", "concretized irreality", "visualized imagination" or "embodiment of the abstract". The general tendency for a fundamental unification of art and science at the turn of the 21st century is a natural outgrowth of man's capacity for knowledge.
The science of mathematics gave birth to the theory of fractals — complex structures whose wholes resembles their constituent elements and are self-generating according to a kind of modular principle. They've found their place in art as well.
The Threshold series is a kind of cipher for a world composed of magical, enchanting visions. These pictures plunge the viewer into unseen and unknown realms existing beyond the bounds of ordinary reality.

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