Symbols of Eternity

One part of Alexander Bartov's ?uvre might be described as his “icon period”. In a chapel at Valaam Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration, the monumental painter created Russia's first multi-tiered frescoes depicting the Royal Martyrs and New Martyrs of Russia. He designed several unique iconostases and patterns for khorugvi and created remarkable depictions of saints that remain among the best images for devotion and edification of worshipers (St. Nicholas of Myra, Baptizer of Rus St. Prince Vladimir, Venerable Seraphim of Sarov, Righteous John of Kronstadt and Nun-Martyr Mary of Gatchina). His icon-painting talent has found expression in book illustrations as well (“Letters of the Holy Royal Martyrs from Confinement”, “Portents of God from Holy Icons” and others). All these works meet the highest standards of ecclesiastical art.
Turning to the art of design, the artist executed a number of works out of the inclination of his heart that are related to his religious artworks but at the same time bear traits of a vivid, expressive individuality. These works are created with the aid of the computer, some on the basis of hand-drawn graphics and others as variations of natural objects, which explains their stylistic heterogeneity. Here a dominant symbolic structure appears in various semantic manifestations. These works arouse purely esthetic emotions, satisfying the artistic tastes of the discerning viewer.

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