Mirages of Iceland

During a trip to Iceland in 2007, the artist was struck by the beauty of that country's unusual landscapes, as well as its history and mythology.
He was attracted by the belief, common among Icelanders, that parallel worlds exist alongside ours. The idea of uniting these two worlds led Alexander Bartov to create his own Iceland in pictures of a fantastic nature, where reality and irreality coexist and differently scaled objects appear side by side.
A multicolored glow of ice, emerald- and cherry-colored cliffs, whimsically-shaped clouds outstretched on the horizon in streaming atmospheric currents, birds hovering in the air or luxuriating on the water, mysterious horsemen and grass undulating in gusts of wind — all this excites the imagination and arouses interest in this island country.
A wealth of tonal and color nuances underlines the play of light and shade, giving rise to the most unexpected images.

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