Metaphysics of the abstract

The inexhaustible variety of forms of art convinces us that art is endless. The artist starts with art practice and then he passes over to pondering about the category of Endless, which embraces substance and consciousness.
There is another way of understanding transcendental properties of reality. Suffice it to assume the existence of endlessness of the idea and to try to answer the question concerning the techniques for implementation of this endlessness.
In both cases generalizations are inevitable, as well as transition to more complicated, abstract ideas and shapes. Thus, the mutual transformations of concrete and abstract start.
The advantage of the creative method of Alexander Bartov is that he, in his search for the art-related meanings, starts with the ordinary photographs of the surrounding world. He is not holding a traditional brush in his hands. He operates a computer, enabling to actualize and to visualize the structures, which are inherently invisible and the forms of lively and multicolored nature.
Bartov was the first to show how surprising and beautiful the embodiment of ideal abstract perceptions of reality could be, as well as direct connection of these abstract ideas with the computer-assisted transformations of shapes of objects. It is important to emphasize that without a computer, which is an analog of the traditional brush, this invisible facet of reality basically cannot be visualized.

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