From the life of trees

Landscapes, and trees in particular, have often been present in the visual arts, beginning with mythological and Biblical subjects. Trees in the foreground typically embody one or another idea, while in the background they enrich the depicted subject or personages.
Rather than mere linking elements in the picture, Alexander Bartov's trees are organisms possessing both outward variety and a richly structured inner life. Using the means of art, he's succeeded in revealing the tree's metaphysical essence, as one of the earth's first elements alongside fire, water, air, stone and metal.
Alexander Bartov invites us to look together with him at trees as living treasure-troves of information accumulated over the course of centuries.
The kaleidoscopic wealth of tree forms created by the artist reveals itself both close up and from a distance. Out of a calligraphic maze of lines, nuances of light and tonal variety, symbols resembling ancient writing appear.
Bartov interprets a tree's life as a mystery hidden from the superficial gaze, accessible only to strong emotions and those able to penetrate spiritualized nature's vital energy.
The works of this series take the viewer along the artist's path, from the outward appearance of trees as customarily perceived to elegant, abstract decorative forms. In search of new means to express his meditations, the artist engages in much experimentation.

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