Alexandr Bartov

(for a creative portrait of Alexander Bartov)

Alexander Bartov is a monumental artist who's devoted many years to the applied and decorative arts, graphic arts, painting and photography.
Bartov's striving towards a universal creative method is reflected in his combining of various artistic media and trends and his use in recent years of new technologies. His photography-based computer graphics are convincing in their artistic virtues, fully meeting the criteria traditionally applied in the esthetic evaluation of artworks. The resulting theme-based series possess a rich and expressive visual polyphony. The artist's ?uvre fully embodies the “esthetic of the infinite”, that very Platonic idea that underpins the world.


 Went to God on August 2, 2019 in St. Petersburg


Bartov has long been a significant phenomenon in the art market, his name synonymous with a high level of artistic mastery, refined esthetic taste and membership in the chosen circle of the intellectual elite. The artist's trademark style is characterized by its originality and wide, practically unlimited variety of subjects.
Bartov is always in search of new imagery and, on a broader level, new conceptual themes. His floral structures, for example, have served as prototypes for diverse discoveries and inventions not only in painting and graphic art, but in applied art as well.


A deep understanding of the drama of human emotions can be seen in Bartov's photographic works. Their expressiveness prompts us to journey through the history of photography and compare the artist with his eminent predecessors.
The artist's works arouse rich associations and meditations on art's role in transforming the world.
All works for sale are executed on canvas or fine art paper and accompanied by certificates. Print runs are limited to eight copies.




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